• Premium Chalk Markers 30pcs

    Our 30pcs set of premium chalk markers, made according to German quality standards, provides a flawless finish on any non-porous surface. Whether you're a teacher writing on a whiteboard, a restaurant owner with an ever changing menu board you want to highlight, a parent that wants to decorate windows with their kiddos or an artist creating a chalk marker masterpiece

  •  Premium Chalk Markers 30pcs

Features of Premium Chalk Markers 30pcs

  • palette

    30 Vivid Colors

  • format_color_fill


  • sync

    6mm Reversible Tip (Chisel & Round Bullet)

  • wash

    Washable on Non-Porous Surfaces

  • health_and_safety

    Odor-Free, Non-Toxic

  • add

    Includes 24 Reusable Chalk Labels

  • Premium Chalk Markers 30pcs
  • Create Eye-catching Art

    Capture the attention of shoppers, friends, colleagues and kids with Bold and Vibrant Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, White, Black, Brown, Brick Red, Mustard Yellow, Aqua Blue, Dark Green, Peach Nectar, Grape Purple, Dark Brown, Desert Green, Dark Blue, Caramel Coffee, Orange C, Amber, Red C, Atrovirens, Olive Drab, Light Green, Yellow C, Light Pink, Pastel Purple, Aqua.

  • Safe & Non-toxic

    The dustless, non-toxic, odorless and washable formula is eco-friendly and safe for use at home by kids and adults, and at work by teachers, students, artists, businesses, office or restaurant owners. Our Premium Vibrant Liquid Chalk Markers have been independently tested and selected to ensure the performance you expect under any usage scenario.

  •  Premium Chalk Markers 10pcs
  •  Premium Chalk Markers 10pcs
  • Only The Best Quality

    Our chalk markers deliver bright and bold color that will enhance the surface they’re used on, from windows to glossy white boards. The quality formula gives you the confidence it will flow easily and not damage your surface.

  • Comes Off Easily

    A mere wipe of a wet paper towel will remove your erasable chalk markers completely and easily from almost any non-porous surface, when you’re ready to write & start fresh.

  •  Premium Chalk Markers 10pcs

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Premium Chalk Markers 30pcs